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TSN's fantasy forecast was done by Scott Cullen. He multi-sport columnist for TSN.

Cullen started writing for TSN.ca in 2001 and has hosted the Fantasy Hockey Update on TSN.ca since 2007. Prior to joining TSN, Cullen worked at Fantasy Sports Services, where he contributed to the Hockey Forecaster magazine.

Every Friday Scott produces statistically speaking, where you can find his fantasy hockey updates for the week.

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His 2016/17 projections were published online in a google doc - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jhJjPa-vCHiz8Y8J_zw9v5-7hMcayBoQmCA27Glpcsk/edit#gid=0

We downloaded and used the a version of his projections on the 12th of October. He has not adjusted his projections since that time.


2016/2017 Rankings

Scott Cullen finished 3rd place overall.

Below are the rankings for each statistical category. Scott Cullen finished 3rd for Points Rank, 4th for Goal Rank, and 1st for his Assist Rank projection. Scott Cullen also finished 7th for his Wins Rank projections.

Pts Rank
Goal Rank
Assist Rank
Win Rank

2015/2016 rankings

TSN finished 2nd place overall

Below are the rankings for each statistical category. TSN finished 2nd for Points, 4th for Goals, 3rd for Assists, and 2nd place for Overall Offense . TSN also finished 6th for Wins, 1st for Shutouts, and 6th place for Overall Defense .