In order to determine which forecaster had the best projections, a comparison of their rank prediction accuracy was needed.  In order to do this, we needed to create an adjusted rank for the forecasted statistics. We did this because, many fantasy projectors included a rank beside a player which ran 1 through the number of players in their projection in sequential order. This causes problems because it leads to projectors giving players with the same totals a different ranking. For example two players with a point total of 45 could have the ranking 100, and 101. The way that this was determined varied. Sometimes it was due to alphabetical order, and in some cases it was due to the number of goals the player scored.  

In order to be fair, we believe that (See Our Rationale) each stat category should have the same merit. Also, if a player has the same total number of points, they need to be treated as having the same rank number rather than differentiated due to some reason.  Thus, we created an adjusted rank for each forecaster for all projections (Pts, G, A, W and SO).  So in the previous example the two players rank were adjusted for that stat to be the same (Each player would have a rank of 100).  See Figure 1 below for an example of the process.

Figure 1. Adjusted rank calculations