Below you can find the Pts projection rankings for the 2017/18 season.  Click here to see how the rankings were calculated. 

Pts Total Rankings

The Pts Total rankings are shown in the tables below with the blue headers. Just as it sounds, Pts Total projections are forecasters predictions of the total amount of points that a player is going to get over the course of the season.  For the first time, Points Per Game (PPG) rankings were determined and we examined the projections on different size scales (300, 200, and 100 projections).  

Overall, Scott Cullen had another spectacular showing.  He had the most accurate Pts Total projections  for his Top 100 & 200 and the second best (average error of 12.10 Pts/Player) for his Top 300.  Similarly his average PPG error was either the lowest or second lowest (Top 300).   This lead Scott to having the best overall Pts Rank projections of all forecasters for all six examinations except Pts Total Top 100.  Remember, a forecaster can have the best projections even though they might not have the lowest average error in their projections. Why is that? Click here to see the ranking algorithm.


Pts Rank Rankings

The Pts Rank rankings are shown in the tables below with the orange headers. There has been some confusion as to what a Pts Rank Ranking is, and I apologize for the wording but I cannot think of a better way to title it.  Pts Rank is the ordering/ranking of players based on their Pts Totals. For example, Connor McDavid had 108 Pts last season (Pts Total) and ranked 1st overall (Pts Rank).  Thus, Pts Rank Ranking is the the ranking of forecasters' Pts Rank Projections. Another way that I like to describe it is as the ranking of how well a forecaster can order players Pts Total from most to least.  Points Per Game (PPG) Rank rankings were also determined. We also looked and evaluated the projections on different size scales (300, 200, and 100 projections).  

The results here were a little mixed. Dobber (who finished runner up to Scott Cullen for many Pts Total evaluations) was able to leap from into first place for Pts Total Rank Rankings, while Scott held onto 1st for the PPG Rank Rankings.