1st - McKeens, 2nd - TSN, 3rd - Dobber

McKeens had the best Pts rank projections out of all forecasters.  They got 73.79 out of 100 points. TSN finished in second place with 65.17 points while Dobber had 64.48 points for third place.

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More information about the ranking process can be found at Our Rationale and The Calculations.



McKeens finished first while only having one of the most accurate player ranges (26 to 50). TSN had 4 of the most accurate player ranges but suffered significant setbacks with their predictions of players from 26 to 50, 101 to 125, and 201 to 225 (Figure 1).

TSN and McKeens were the only forecasters to keep clear of negative points.  (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Pts Ranking

McKeens had the lowest total absolute error in their Pts rank predictions.  They were off by 25452 spots (Figure 2), an average error of 84.84 spots per player.

Figure 2. Total absolute rank error all statistical categories