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NEW! Create your own 2018/19 Pts Total projections just like the pros do!! has a set of easy to use tools to create custom Pts Total projections!

And as always, we have released the 2017/18 rankings for forecasters projections. This season I have added 6 other categories of comparison. As always, check out my Twitter feed for updates and analysis. Enjoy!
" I work hard to keep forecasters honest and provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive comparison available"
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In 2017/18 there are 15 sets of forecaster projections being evaluated
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The final 2017/18 rankings are now available!
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An in depth analysis of forecaster's projections and results
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The Calculations compares and ranks forecasters' projections to give you the information needed to draft the best possible fantasy hockey team. I have developed a simple ranking system evaluate forecasters' projections. Check it out! I would love to hear some feedback!

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Other factors that differentiate the forecasters we evlaute.