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In our inaugural season here at FantasyRef.ca we hope to bring clarity to the world of NHL projections.   There are many forecasters out there, all with different predictions as to what is going to happen each NHL season.  Until now there has been no accountability on behalf of the forecasters.  With no one monitoring how well these forecasters’ projections are each year, fantasy poolers are left clueless as to which forecasters’ they should really be trusting. 

Our goal at FantasyRef.ca is to provide an unbiased evaluation of NHL fantasy forecasters.   We have created a ranking system based on our rationale that the accuracy of point prediction totals is not what matters.  What really matters is the correct prediction of the order that the players will finish in, their rank.

We are not here to make predictions.  We will not be averaging predictions and presenting them like some other sites do.  We are going to evaluate and communicate the accuracy of the forecasts based on facts and not opinions.