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The Rankings
# of Projectors in 17/18
Average Pts Total Error in 16/17
GP by ALL teams on Wed.
# of Forecasters with Stamkos ranked 1
The season is well underway and on Wednesday November 22, all teams will have reached the quarter season mark (20 GP). At this point in time we like to check in on our forecasters' projections and give a progress report. Check out our 2017 progress reports to see how the forecaster you put your trust in is doing. We will do one more report half way through the season before the final rankings are published at the end of the season. This 17/18 season we have increased the number of forecasters being evaluated and are tracking the projections of other statistical categories (PIMs, Shots, Etc.). Good luck on the rest of the season!
The Data


The final results of the six different forecasters predictions.
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Which forecaster had the best predictions?
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A detailed look at the differences and similarities in the projections.
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An Outsider

Sportnet's annual projections offer fantasy poolers something different. Rather than giving a specific point total, they predict a range of points that the player will score between. So how do their projections stack up against the others evaluated this year?

The Forecasters

The six forecasters from last season where again included in the evaluations this season. Click on the links below to view the profile of each of the forecasters.
Left Wing Lock 600
DOM 500
The Daily Faceoff 245
RotoWorld 660
NHL Trade Rumors 360